Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall is for Planting

This time of year we often see nurseries promoting planting.  Is this actually the best time to plant or is it when crafty marketers appeal to our desires to be outside enjoying the nice weather?  I would say it is a little of both.  Moisture is the single most important factor when transplanting.  Realizing that it is often difficult to determine one season from another, simply waiting until the winter rains begin is a good rule of thumb.  Use the dry periods to make preparations.  Determine what type of plant or tree is best for your location.  Find a nursery with a good specimen.  Planting a good quality plant is very important to its survival.  During the spring and summer months, plants lose a lot of water through their leaves (some large trees can lose over 100 gallons of water a day); therefore, watering requirements become much greater.  Although we often think of trees going into dormancy, tree roots are active year round and are most active when there is plenty of moisture in the soil.  If you can water the plant, timing is not as crucial.

To answer the question, “Is fall the time for planting?” I like to think about the ole fisherman when asked “when is the best time to go fishing?”  He replied, “Anytime I have the opportunity.”  So as long as you can provide water, plant a tree anytime you have the opportunity!